Ask Your MP to Speak Up!

oscarLast year Pup Aid launched an e-petition to help ban the sale of young puppies and kittens unless their mothers are present.

Over 100,000 people signed our e-petition and we are now guaranteed a debate in Parliament. The debate is likely to take place in March and we will update supporters as soon as we know the date.

In the meantime, we need as many MPs as possible do their bit - to show the Government that there is strong, cross-party support for tackling puppy farming. MPs are already getting involved.

Please set aside a couple of minutes to write to your local MP and tell them why they have to act. They need to know this is a matter that is important to their constituents. Specifically, we need them to:

  • Raise the matter with the Animal Welfare Minister, Lord de Mauley;
  • Give their name to Rob Flello MP, who is co-ordinating the campaign in Parliament;
  • Consider speaking during the House of Commons debate.

You can find out who your MP is and their contact details at

Pup Aid in the News!

The Pup Aid e-petition has been featured by BBC South East as signatures have reached 90k+ (18/11/2013).
We need 100K signatures for our e-petition!
Here it is:

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Crazy Puppy Party

We've made a viral video!! Please share on your Twitter, FaceBook, email your friends...
We need 100K signatures for our e-petition!
Here it is:

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Sign The E-Petition -  Ban the sale of young puppies & kittens without their mothers being present #wheresmum

Puppy Farming

Puppy farming is the mass commercial production of puppies purely for profit and without a thought for the welfare or happiness of the pup, breeding bitch or stud dogs.

On a puppy farm breeding dogs and pups are usually kept in horrific dark conditions, totally unsocialized and riddled with both infectious and inbred often incurable diseases. These poorly pups are then sold en masse to pet shops, online or from free newspaper ads and usually die soon after reaching their new home.

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