Mother's Day Campaign

Where's Mum CampaignToday Pup Aid launches our anti-puppy farming Mother's Day #wheresmum campaign, featuring a heavily pregnant lady in a cage.

This image highlights the fact that the UK still allows dogs to be kept in cages their whole lives, in unregulated puppy farms, bred purely for profit.

Whilst our picture is truly shocking, the conditions pregnant animals are kept in are often far, far worse.

Our #wheresmum social media campaign aims to raise awareness of the cruel, entirely legal puppy farming trade, of which so many people are still unaware.

Photo by Nick Delaney

Often pups are bought from pet shops or online with pet owners sadly unaware of what condition the mum is being kept in, or the health of the pup itself.

Pup Aid encourages owners to adopt a rescue dog, or to buy from a responsible breeder, where you can see the pup with its' mum, healthy in their natural environment.

Veterinary surgeon Marc Abraham founded Pup Aid in 2010 and campaigns tirelessly in Parliament.  PupAid holds a celebrity dog show in Primrose Hill every September to raise awareness of these animals.

To date, celebrity supporters include Pink, Ricky Gervais, Elle Macpherson, Anais Gallagher, Meg Matthews, Sarah Harding and many others.

Did you know..
  • As many as 80,000 puppies may be sold each year through licensed pet shops in Great Britain.
  • Almost 70% of local authorities did not know where the pet shops were obtaining puppies from.
  • 40% of premises do not have full inspection reports on file and almost 20% have no written record of inspection assessments.
  • 29% of vendors had complaints relating to sick puppies recorded – including puppies that had died soon after purchase, and 26% of vendors had complaints related to the welfare of puppies recorded.


Puppy Farming

Puppy farming is the mass commercial production of puppies purely for profit and without a thought for the welfare or happiness of the pup, breeding bitch or stud dogs.

On a puppy farm breeding dogs and pups are usually kept in horrific dark conditions, totally unsocialized and riddled with both infectious and inbred often incurable diseases. These poorly pups are then sold en masse to pet shops, online or from free newspaper ads and usually die soon after reaching their new home.

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Puppy Power Comes to 10 Downing Street

Pup Aid Team Present PetitionPetition to end puppy farm cruelty handed to Prime Minister asking Government to act!

PupAid, the campaign to end the UK’s cruel puppy farming industry has presented No. 10 with an e- petition which collected over 110,000 signatures asking for a ban on puppies and kittens sold without their mothers present.

Brainchild of TV vet Marc Abraham the PupAid petition and its subsequent debate, which took place on Sept 4th in the Main Chamber of the House of Commons, hopes to be the first step in eradicating points of sale of irresponsibly bred pets.

Puppy farming is the mass commercial production of puppies in horrific conditions, sold via pet shops, garden centres, internet, and free newspaper ads. These puppies, commonly riddled with incurable diseases, often become seriously ill shortly after arriving in their new homes; their mothers still stuck hundreds of miles away often in squalid conditions.

The PupAid campaign and petition has been supported by numerous high profile celebrities including comedian Ricky Gervais, musician Brian May and actor Peter Egan (pictured). Vet Marc Abraham says “My PupAid team and I are extremely thankful to everyone who’s supported our campaign, and incredibly proud of what’s been achieved so far. We really hope today’s debate gains a positive outcome. Puppy farming is a massive problem on so many levels but this first step will hopefully help tackle it strategically, working to starve the supply of dogs by these horrific breeders. “When choosing a dog prospective dog owners should always consider adopting from a reputable rescue shelter, or if looking to buy a pup, contact the Kennel Club for their list of responsible Assured Breeders where puppy and mother will always be seen interacting together; by adhering only to these two options it’s extremely difficult to end up with a sick farmed pup - and better still – this cruel industry is starved of business.”

From left to right: PupAid founder TV vet Marc Abraham, PupAid director Stuart Vernon, actor Peter Egan, PupAid director Rebecca Weller, Rob Flello MP, Barking Heads dog food founder Paul Hunter handing in petition to No. 10 Downing St.

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Click here to find out why you need to see a puppy's mum before you buy a pet!

Only buy a puppy if:

  • You can see puppy interacting with mum
  • It's a breeder recommended by the Kennel Club (preferably Assured Breeder)
  • It's a rescue centre that's a registered charity

Be suspicious of a puppy farmed pup if:

  • Mum isn't there (she's most likely miles away on cruel puppy farm)
  • You're told mum's at the vet, been run over, sick, basically anywhere else
  • Price is either very cheap (£100-£350) or very expensive (£2000-£7000)
  • Pup is being sold in a pet shop or garden centre
  • Pup is sold from website, Friday Ad, motorway service station, pub
  • You're offered free delivery