Autumn RedHailing from Brighton, Autumn red offer the modern edge of alt country-folk. Bursting with intensity and integrity, the shows are alive with power yet at times possess a beautiful vulnerability.

“Old-time music played by young guys bringing things in to 21st century.”

The debut self-release album Dead Fools Gold was released in January and already has sold in huge numbers, down to recent gigging alone.

This album was based on Lloyd Williams solo project with help and creative input from the band. Collaborative endeavours are in the works, and the full Autumn red line up are back in force.

Roots music plays a huge part in their influence. Front man, Lloyd William’s is known on the circuit as an accomplished banjo/guitarist in his own right. The band has a banjo/guitar endorsement by Perkins traditional instruments that currently also endorse Mumford and Sons and other carefully selected players.