Bitter RuinDescribed as ‘Amazing noir indie-folk’ by Latest7, Brighton’s weekly lifestyle magazine, Bitter Ruin are an explosive, theatrical acoustic duo with grasping lyrics filthy with energy and anger.

Renowned for their intense and dramatic live performances, their audiences are mesmerized by Georgia’s vicious, complex vocals and are left desperate to hear more of Ben’s brutal vocal attack and cutting, jagged acoustic guitar.

The dashing duo have been stirring things up in the UK music cauldron for the last two years, adding spice and new flavour to the gumbo of electronica, indie, acousti-pop and grime…so tuck right in as they’re not going to stop till you’ve gobbled your fill and you’re bellies are gorged.

Georgia and Ben are from opposite ends of the UK and similarly their influences are from opposite musical counties. While Ben draws his serene and engrossing tone from Jeff Buckley, Georgia punches quirky outbursts tainted by Regina Spektor and Kate Bush.

However the duo has obviously adjusted their ear drums to gorge on each others inspirations and have skillfully combined their crowning credentials to hatch an addictively juiced sound and frenzied drama.