Meg Mathews & Anais Gallagher

Meg Mathews & Daughter Anais Gallagher Open Pup Aid 2012

The Pup Aid team are very proud to have Meg Mathews as our patron.

Meg Mathews has been one of Pup Aid's staunchest supporters and has been a judge at the 2010, 2011 and 2012 events.

Meg and her daughter, Anais Gallagher, are the faces of the "Where's Mum" campaign launched by TV vet Marc Abraham to support PupAid, an annual event held each year to raise awareness about the puppy farming trade in the UK.

Where's Mum? wants to educate potential owners about this cruel trade and make sure that they only buy from a reputable and honourable breeder - who is able to show them the pups looking happy and healthy and, very importantly, interacting and playing with their mother.

To read more about the "Where's Mum" campaign, click here.

Meg has a Boston Terrier called Oscar.

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Only buy a puppy if:

  • You can see puppy interacting with mum
  • It's a breeder recommended by the Kennel Club (preferably Assured Breeder)
  • It's a rescue centre that's a registered charity

Be suspicious of a puppy farmed pup if:

  • Mum isn't there (she's most likely miles away on cruel puppy farm)
  • You're told mum's at the vet, been run over, sick, basically anywhere else
  • Price is either very cheap (£100-£350) or very expensive (£2000-£7000)
  • Pup is being sold in a pet shop or garden centre
  • Pup is sold from website, Friday Ad, motorway service station, pub
  • You're offered free delivery