Lady Colin CampbellLady Colin Campbell was born in Jamaica and educated there and in New York.

A top model in the late sixties/early seventies, she married Lord Colin Campbell, brother of the 12th Duke of Argyll, in 1974.

Divorced, she is the mother of two sons, three springer spaniels who are descendants of Tum Tum, and four rescue cats. She lives in London, and frequently visits the South of France, where she has a chateau.

She is the author of several acclaimed books, including New York and London Times bestsellers like Diana in Private (1992); the posthumous The Real Diana (US 1998, UK 2004); The Royal Marriages (‘1993);Guide to Being a Modern Lady (1986); the international cause celebre Empress Bianca (first published then pulped 2005, republished US 2008, UK 2009,after the author sued for tortious interference and defamation): Daughter of Narcissus (2009); and With Love From Pet Heaven by Tum Tum The Springer Spaniel (2010). “