Mean Poppa LeanMean Poppa Lean are six full-size posable action figures that combine to form the BEST LIVE BAND IN THE UK!!! With realistic kung-fu guitar action, vibrating bass frequencies, shiny brass trumpet and trombone accessories, touch sensitive drum kit, changeable costumes and a choice of incredible catchphrases, make sure you COLLECT THEM ALL!!

But really, MPL are a six-piece HARD RnB band from Brighton, causing mayhem and destruction wherever they go. They take over stages across the country on a regular basis, shocking fun-starved audiences with choreographed dance moves, sing-along choruses and outrageous stage wear.

Couple this with a raft of infectious songs that combine the accessibility of pop, the crunch-factor of hard rock and the dirty grooves of RnB, hip-hop and funk and you have a combination which is ready to pop off in a big way.