Where’s Mum?

#Wheresmum Campaign

With celebrity support #wheresmum was launched in 2015 to help the British public choose a healthy happy puppy – and is still going strong today!

The campaign focuses on educating new owners about the cruel trade of puppy farming ensuring they ONLY buy from a reputable and honorable breeder.

Where’s Mum? National Campaign

Choose a healthy happy puppy

Pup Aid’s #wheresmum campaigned kicked off in style with Lydia & Debbie from TOWIE launching the campaign on Channel 5’s Live with Gabby then went on to be featured as part of the Mother’s Day feature in the Sunday Mirrors ‘Celebs on Sinday’.

We’ve had enormous amounts of support with features in the Mail Online with Meg Mathews and her daughter Anais, along with their beautiful Boston Terrier Oscar. After their own distressing experience they are helping to highlight the need to ask “Where’s Mum?”. You can read the full article here.

Happy & healthy

These days it’s never been easier to get your hands on a new puppy. But how can you be sure that this tiny ball of fluff will grow into a happy and healthy dog and live to a ripe old age of sometimes sixteen years old?

A combination of cute and convenience culture means new dog owners are finding themselves helplessly lured into pictures of little balls of fluff that they can take home, feed, play with, and look after for the rest of the dog’s happy and healthy lives.

Born For Profit Not Love

Sadly the reality is far from either cute or fluffy with well meaning dog lovers ending up with a depressed, sick, diseased puppy that doesn’t resemble its picture or breed it’s advertised as.

These puppies are typically born on puppy farms – commercial breeders that put profit before welfare mass producing sick pups to sell from outlets such as pet shops, websites, free newspaper adverts, even motorway service stations and dodgy car parks.

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The  Assured Breeder Scheme

For a pedigree puppy always go to a reliable and reputable Kennel Club Assured Breeders. If you want to find breeders currently with puppies visit the Kennel Club’s Find a Puppy website for more details

The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme promotes good breeding practice and aims to work together with breeders and buyers to force irresponsible breeders, or puppy farmers out of business.


Only buy a puppy if:

You can see puppy
interacting with mum

It’s a
breeder recommended
by the Kennel Club
(preferably Assured Breeder)

It’s a rescue centre that’s a
registered charity

Be suspicious of a puppy farmed pup if:

Mum isn't there
(she's most likely miles away on cruel puppy farm)

You're told mum's
at the vet,
been run over, sick,
basically anywhere else

Price is either
very cheap
or very expensive

Pup is being
sold in a pet shop
or garden centre


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Pup Aid 2018 Announced

Pup Aid 2018 Announced

Each year this very special day gives the dog-loving public, the golden opportunity to help raise awareness about the UK’s cruel puppy farming trade!

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