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Raising Awareness about Puppy Farming

Pup Aid at Primrose Hill

Pup Aid is a fun dog show organised by a group of dog-loving volunteers who believe the only way to end the cruel practice of puppy farming is to create as much public awareness about the issue as possible; by inviting celebrities, bands, artists, and of course the public and their dogs to all come together and make some noise on international Puppy Farming Awareness Day.

Pup Aid’s aim is simply to educate every member of the British public about the correct way to get a dog, either by adopting a rescue dog from any of the overflowing rescue centres in the UK, or visiting a responsible breeder where you will always see the puppy interacting with it’s mother.

It’s hoped that this widespread education will create enough awareness to stop people buying puppies from pet-shops or online from dealers and as a direct result reduce the demand for these poorly pups and finally end this evil practice of puppy farming for good.

Pup Aid Founder Marc Abraham

‘Marc the Vet’ as he is more commonly known, is a practicing veterinary surgeon, author, and animal welfare campaigner.

In 2009 he set up Pup Aid, a national puppy farming awareness campaign and is responsible for the biggest pet welfare petition of all time.

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Rescue a Puppy

Fortunately dedicated staff & volunteers in rescue & re-homing centres pick up the pieces & provide puppies with socialization, training and care until loving new homes can be found for them.


Most puppy farmers will transport their puppies to dealers, who sell them online, at pet shops, & newspapers making it a lot more difficult to identify where the puppy came from..

The Do’s & Dont’s

We can help you understand what to look out for and how you can safely adopt a puupy. There are some simple steps that you can follow to  ensure you do not help fuel this cruel trade.

Only buy a puppy if:

You can see puppy
interacting with mum

It’s a
breeder recommended
by the Kennel Club
(preferably Assured Breeder)

It’s a rescue centre that’s a
registered charity

Be suspicious of a puppy farmed pup if:

Mum isn't there
(she's most likely miles away on cruel puppy farm)

You're told mum's
at the vet,
been run over, sick,
basically anywhere else

Price is either
very cheap
or very expensive

Pup is being
sold in a pet shop
or garden centre

Our Friends

K9 Angels | Pup Aid

The K9 Angels

The K-9 Angel’s, as ‘shouted out’ by Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent, are proud to be supporters of Pup Aid 2012 and will be joining Marc the Vet alongside other celebrities at Primrose Hill.

Mark Williams | Pup Aid

Mark Williams

He is best known as one of the stars of the popular BBC sketch show The Fast Show, as well as for his role as Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter films.

Jay Kay

Jay Kay

Single after single walloping into the charts (over 20 of them to date), murdering on the dancefloor; 25 million copies sold of Jamiroquai’s seven albums; a career lasting an era-defying 18 years!

Carol Cleveland

Carol Cleveland is a British actress/comedienne, most notable for her appearances as the only significant female performer on Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Britt Ekland

Britt Ekland is a Swedish actress and a long time resident of the United Kingdom. She is best known for her roles as a Bond girl in The Man with the Golden Gun.

Kate Silverton | Pup Aid

Kate Silverton

Kate Silverton is a highly accomplished, versatile journalist and popular presnter of BBC news, current affairs and entertainment programmes.

Felicity Montagu | Pup Aid

Felicity Montagu

Felicity Montagu is an English actress, known for her performances in radio and television comedy series and films.

Caroline Lucas | Pup Aid

Caroline Lucas MP

Caroline Lucas is a British politician. She is the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, and the Green Party’s first and only Member of Parliament (MP) in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom.

Hayley Tamaddon | Pup Aid

Hayley Tamaddon

Hayley Tamaddon is an English actress of Iranian descent, who is most notable for portraying Delilah Dingle in ITV’s Emmerdale and winning ITV’s Dancing on Ice (Series 5) on 28 March 2010.

Kerry Ellis

Kerry Ellis

Kerry Ellis is an award-winning musical theatre actress and the West End’s premier leading lady, receiving widespread praise and acclaim during her decade on the London stage and counting some of theatre’s most memorable roles among her stage credits.