Anneka SvenskaAnneka Svenska is a natural history presenter who specialises in Dogs and Wolves.

Anneka has appeared on UK and International TV on various different animal shows, as well as live hosting events around the UK.

The health of a dog is paramount to her beliefs.

Having worked with canines for many years, Anneka is keen to stress the dangers of puppy farming. Anneka already is a keen campaigner for the looks of a natural dog over terrible inbred defects which many modern day breeds have, such as short snouts which inhibit breathing, short legs, low hips, short life span due to forced unhealthy giant sizes, floppy ears etc, so is very keen to make sure all puppy farming is banished so that puppy farmers not only stop breeding from these already desirably-deformed dogs, but stop adding to their problems with disease, hip dysplasia, mange and other crippling conditions.