Pup Aid Speaks Out

On the campaign trail to stop puppy farming once and for all

Pup Aid founder Marc Abraham launched Pup Aid in 2010 and campaigns tirelessly in Parliament to raise awareness of cruel practice of puppy farming here in the UK.

Did you know:

  • As many as 80,000 puppies may be sold each year through licensed pet shops in Great Britain.
  • Almost 70% of local authorities did not know where the pet shops were obtaining puppies from.
  • 40% of premises do not have full inspection reports on file and almost 20% have no written record of inspection assessments.
  • 29% of vendors had complaints relating to sick puppies recorded – including puppies that had died soon after purchase, and 26% of vendors had complaints related to the welfare of puppies recorded.

Pup Aid Campaign Trail

Mother’s Day Where’s Mum Campaign

Today Pup Aid launches our anti-puppy farming Mother’s Day #wheresmum campaign, featuring a heavily pregnant lady in a cage.

This image highlights the fact that the UK still allows dogs to be kept in cages their whole lives, in unregulated puppy farms, bred purely for profit.

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